Hamilton Greenbelt: Why You Want to Go Tomorrow

If you live in the Austin area, the term greenbelt seems to refer to any land with more than a few trees that has building restrictions, whether it be just behind the iron fence in your backyard or the 13-mile long Barton Creek Greenbelt with dozens of secret and not-so-secret access points. Central Texas is full of these gems, and when someone says he’s heading to the greenbelt, it’s the equivalent of a sports enthusiast saying “I’m watching the game.” To each his own. Your favorite team is obviously playing in THE game, and your favorite outdoor hiking spot is THE greenbelt. Well, I’m excited that I’ve finally found that favorite spot for our family: Hamilton Greenbelt in Lakeway.

Here’s why I’ve fallen in love with this space and why I think you will too.

Shaded Trails

Every trail in Hamilton Greenbelt is almost completely shaded. With summer temperatures soaring above 100 degrees already, it’s rare to find a place to take the kids that provides this much shade.

Easy to Moderate Hiking

You can make your visit what you want. You can get a good workout on the hills and by taking a few climbs, or you can stroll at the pace of a child and stay on the flat, smooth paths.

Stroller-Friendly Trails

The main trail is wide, flat, and easy to maneuver, even with a double stroller. There are other trails that would require you to abandon the stroller, but there’s plenty to explore and see by staying on the main path.

Creek Access

You can easily access Hurst Creek in a few areas along the main trail. The water isn’t deep, and my 3 year old had a blast splashing around and searching for shells.

Beautiful Waterfalls

Be on the hunt for a few small waterfalls throughout the park. Our favorite spot was across a bridge about a 1/2 mile from the Hamilton Trailhead. We found several waterfalls, watched the fish meander, and settled on a great shaded picnic spot on a boulder just above the pond.

Bird Blind Fun

My kids had so much fun watching birds as they squabbled over access to the bird feeders. There was also a bird identification chart in the bird blind that allowed my kids to identify the beautiful creatures they were giggling at.

Picnic Tables and Benches Throughout

There were several picnic tables and benches along the trail to allow for a quick snack break or rest. All of them were in the shade and secluded from other tables and benches.

Garden Area

As you enter at the Hamilton Greenbelt Trailhead, there is a beautiful garden area with a pond and small waterfalls to allow for rest, reflection, or prayer for yourself or an opportunity for free play and splashing for the kids.

Free Parking and Restrooms

There is a decent-sized parking lot off of Lohman’s Crossing at the Hamilton Greenbelt Trailhead, and restrooms are available at the entrance.

More to Explore

We only just scratched the surface of exploring this beautiful greenbelt. There were more trails (Sailmaster, Hurst Hollow, Squires, Duck Lake), and we can’t wait to go back!

Chick Fil-A is 8 Minutes Away

You might think I’m kidding, but I’m not. The promise of nuggets and an ice cream kept my kids going for the last 30 minutes of our hike, and I personally can’t think of a better way for me to add back on those calories I had just burned. 😆

I hope you get a chance to check out this beautiful Greenbelt for yourself! You can find Hamilton Greenbelt Trailhead off of Lohman’s Crossing at Cross Creek in Lakeway, TX.